these include:
children, one year, babies, family
and anything else you desire to capture! 

Sessions can be themed or just 'general' sessions. 
Family shots are included in birthday or children sessions,
however a 'Family" session would focus more on the family as whole. 
While I will 'pose' you, my style is more 'lifestyle' and my goal is to
capture you or your children as their natural self. Sessions are
relaxed and toned to fit your personality and family. 

If your little one is having a rough day, or gets camera shy, 
no worries! I will gladly re-do or reschedule the session
at no additional cost so we can try again or make it
more comfortable for them. 


Full Session  $200

Unlimited images (average about  60), unlimited time slot, outfit changes
and family members of your immediate family (spouse, children, pets).  
You will receive all of your edited images on a CD
or in a download Gallery online; with a print release. 

*A Large Family session that includes Grandparents is $300.

Large families are $500: This includes
the main family and their siblings and parents.

Photos of each individual family unit and the family as a whole.

Half Session  $100

25 images, 40 minutes of session time, one outfit change. 
 You will receive all of your edited images on a CD
or in a download Gallery online; with a print release. 


MOTHERHOOD INSPIRED SESSIONS. This is my 'specialty' in photography. While all other sessions
are incredibly wonderful for me; these areas are really special to me and I book these the most. 
Motherhood: pregnancy, birth, newborns, breastfeeding; I'm so very passionate about helping
mothers and families in these areas in life. Capturing it is dreamy. 


Nothing speaks of love and amazement more than the curve of a swollen belly,
blessed with the gift of a new life, a treasure all of your own.
Capturing your pregnancy is my art form.
My style is simple, soft lighting, capturing you in your home,
in comfortable, natural poses.
Loving embrace with your Husband,
sweet cuddles with your older children,
soft touches on your belly,
and the absolute beauty of the pregnant form of a woman.
Some women do not feel they look very spectacular during pregnancy.
Some have aches and pains and feel stretched to the limit.
I can assure you, however, that a maternity session is something you will never, ever regret!
  I cannot count the number of women who have told me they feel like a whale and say they look horrible;
yet all I see is beauty! There is nothing more beautiful than a woman carrying LIFE!
Women are extremely blessed to be the carriers of a soul, we grow love beneath our hearts --
how amazing and spectacular is that?  
I can also assure you that I do my best to take care of you and position you in ways that enhance
your natural beauty, and hide any unwanted bloating or weight.
I also can and often do, remove stretch marks if you wish. 

Sessions are typically done between 32-38 weeks.



Birth is beautiful, breathtaking, a miracle, empowering, . . . and, most of all -- once in a lifetime! 

Almost everyone wouldn't even think twice about hiring someone to photograph their wedding. . . your child's birth is one of those events in life that should be captured as well!  Every smile, tear.... the question is, why wouldn't you want to have photos of the first moments with your new creation?   You are literally going to be falling in love in a whole new way with that beautiful, squishy face that is you made together! Please allow me to capture those moments!  They are beautiful!  Not only will having a Birth photographer be an extraordinary gift for you, but also for your child. Wouldn't you love to see every moment of your own birth captured in timeless photographs? Your mother's face as she first s aw you, held you, kissed you? Your dad's expressions and heroic help as he became your father? This is truly a gift that will last generations.

Why you should hire a professional photographer?  Your husband, mother, etc will be free to help you and experience these wonderful moments rather than be responsible for photographing your baby.  No more drained looking photos of new mothers!  With color and lighting experience and knowledge you will look the way you really were, instead of looking not like yourself with a flash point and shoot camera!

Why should we hire a birth photographer?
Who cried? Who smiled? What did my husband's face look like as he saw our baby for the first time? Professional photography during your baby's entrance into the world will capture every moment possible so everyone is free to enjoy this experience rather than worry about documenting it. 


all come with a CD of all images and Print release. 

* Homebirths are discounted until I build up my portfolio, please contact me to discuss pricing

1. Standard
Covers the labor, birth and after hours,
or all that you need. 

2. New life.
Maternity, Birth and Newborn sessions,
bundled & discounted - save $100!

3. Full Documentary
Maternity, Birth and Newborn sessions.
+ 3 documentary birth services.             

Documentary Birth Services Include:
- Belly Casting
- Placenta Prints
- Belly Henna


Flaky skin. Pouty lips. Button nose. Rosy cheeks. Silky Curls. Precious wrinkles.
The first week of your baby's life will disappear so very quickly. Their fresh-from-the-womb softness and characteristics
are beyond worth capturing.  My style is to capture all the small, tiny, details of your baby, along with bits of their personality,
your amazing wonder and love for this tiny life, and your new family; all in your own home.
Captured in soft, creamy lighting and natural poses.

 Sessions are typically done between 7-10 days after birth.
They are best done in your own home,
regardless of how small or beautiful it is.
Outdoor locations are available as well,
however I prefer indoors.
Studio location available in Minnesota only.

Rate:  $250

2-4 hours on avg,
or more as allowed/needed
unlimited overall

Individual pictures of baby
Portraits with siblings, pets, in nursery, family photos, and individuals of Mom, Dad, etc.
Any other special photos you wish, as approved by me. (contact to discuss).
Grandpaernts are welcome for an addl $25 each 'set'.
unlimited outfit changes
unlimited time

book together at the price of $400 This saves you $50!  



Unlimited time, images and outfit changes.



Package A     ($1000)

-Ceremony (1-3 hours)

+ 2 hours reception coverage
(typically  includes dance, cake, bouquet toss, etc)

-Bride and Groom and wedding party portraits

-Family portraits

Coverage starts when Bride gets on her dress,
and then Portraits or Ceremony starts. No Hair/Makeup.

Package B

-Engagement or couple session

-Full day coverage, 2 hours reception coverage

-Bride and Groom and wedding party portraits

-Family portraits

Package C  ($1600)

-Engagement or couple session

-Full day coverage, full reception coverage

-Bride and Groom and wedding party portraits

-Family portraits

- bridal and boudoir portraits before wedding


50% of the wedding package is due in order to reserve/book your date.

The remaining amount is due whenever you’d like, in payments, or all at once;
but it must be received two months prior to your wedding date.

Payment plans and other budgeting is available for low incomes.
contact me for more information or to discuss what will make your
wedding day photography affordable.

A La Carte

Capture only the Ceremony

Bride + Groom, Wedding Party + Family

Bride + Groom Portraits Only