The girl behind the camera,
passionately in love with light, life and loving others. 


 Leah. 25.
Wild spirit. Brave hearted. Dreamer.

I live to seek simple beauty and show fierce love.
Photographs are joy to me, my heart is full when I am photographing the world, people, emotions. Everyday I am capturing my own family, my children, myself, the earth we walk on. I couldn't imagine a world where I couldn't paint of picture of all of this beauty around us with my lens. The art of light is my love language. I adore light. How it falls, moves, shadows, entraps us and showcases every detail of our being. I admire the human soul, I'm highly nostalgic and documenting these moments between all our hearts; is the most incredible pleasure. Thank you to each and every one of you that has allowed me to do this for your love and your family, your little ones first breaths on earth. I'm beyond blessed and thankful.

Other than this awesome passion I call my job, my life is shared with my little loves:  Lily, Elizabeth, Cjames, Oakley, Cash (a  baby in heaven: Lyra); and the newest babe due March 22nd. They make my world a little brighter, challenging, sweet and everyday they remind me to love and live like a child – for they are the closest to Him. I adore them and although I dream everyday of who they will grow to be and how I can help on their individual journey; I cannot imagine my life without waking up to their sweet smiles, spirited souls and endless yearning for goodness. Motherhood is the greatest purpose of all.

Beyond capturing souls, hearts, smiles, bellies or little toes; I have discovered a great love for speaking, mentoring and educating my fellow sisters about their glorious bodies, swollen bellies, growing babies and the journey and miracle of bringing new life into the world.I educate, create, inspire, doula, midwife and walk ‘with women’ to help them and love on them as they fulfill our most amazing task: to bring forth the life that our God has created.Women are the carriers of life. We hold the fruit oflove beneath our hearts!

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The Photography + Vision

Heartbeat photography was started in 2009 and grew slowly until fall/winter 2011.  

  My mission is to continually grow in photography, and to capture  love and beauty for people of all incomes.  Along with successful income and clientele, I often give free or low income sessions to people and I absolutely love being able to bless people with memories that will last a lifetime.  My goal is to create friendships and love on people, along with operating an amazing business. Profit is great, but not at the expense of not getting to know people and enjoy them, to become a part of their life. Our first mission is connection, and to advance our community!

Heartbeat photography has a unique vision -- I am certainly not just doing this for photography!  I am a birth professional and advocate, I'm hoping to gain a deeper education into midwifery, breastfeeding and all things motherhood and babies.  I love natural healing and I love writing about helping people spiritually and physically.  This 'business' has aspects of that greatly built into it and we are more than just photography, we are a 'studio' for motherhood and families.

I am so excited you are about to start an adventure here! 



Love for people.
Supporting Mothers and families.
Capturing heartbeats.
Education for a fuller life. 


The vision is marvelous, and brings joy to my heart.  
This was given to me by God in summer 2011 and I'm actively waiting and preparing for the time that it is fulfilled,
so that this love and greatness can be spread far and wide to all those that need it. 
Part of the vision is here, and the rest is being prepared for our future,
such a long way we have come, and are still going. 

The part that is here: 

Our photography exists to inpire and educate women to bring forth and care for their babies and families in a spectacular way. We encourage love, attachment, breastfeeding, and gentle birth with gentle talks, friendship, photographs, and education. We support every woman and child, no matter their path and aim to treat her as a sister, not a client.

We give to women who are in need as much as we are called or able.  Low income or free sessions for people struggling emotionally or financially.  Free sessions for women adopting (in or out), teenagers/young mothers, and women who gave their baby a chance to live after considering abortion.  We also are ready and willing to take on women who have hurts in their past, such as losing a child, aborting a child, abuse, depressions, drug abuse, etc.  All of these services are offered for free if needed, to take home and remind them of the beauty they are able to claim and a God who loves them deeply.

Provide mothers with resources for breastfeeding, natural birth, gentle birth, educated birth, parenting styles, and the numerous other choices we have to make as mothers.

Give back to the other people in the community who also help women by offering them free portraits. These people are midwives, doulas, birth educators, placenta encapulationists, breastfeeding support, LLL, and the list goes on. These amazing women deserve this! 

The part that is coming: 

A full, real studiothat is half a photography studio and the other half is for education, classes, yoga, meetings, etc of women: trying to conceive, pregnant, birthing, nursing, or just mothering.

full birth education
 prenatal yoga classes

 mother support

blessingway hosting


*sound like something you are interested in being a part of or want to help with? Let's have a coffee date!