The girl behind the camera,
passionately in love with light, life and loving others. 

 Leah. 29.
Wild spirit. Brave hearted. Dreamer.

I live to seek simple beauty and show fierce love.

Sharing life beside my fiance and best friend, Jacob.
Anxiously awaiting our day of unity, 6.22.2019!

Other than the awesome man who become our hero, my life is shared with my little loves: 
Lily, Elizabeth, Cj, Oakley, Cash, Jamison and Jacob.
They make my world a little brighter, challenging, sweet and everyday they
remind me to love and live like a child – for they are the closest to Him.
I adore them and although I dream everyday of who they will grow to be and how I can help on their individual journey;
I cannot imagine my life without waking up to their sweet smiles, spirited souls and endless yearning for goodness.
Motherhood is the greatest purpose of all.

Photographs are joy to me, my heart is full when I am photographing the world, people, emotions.
Everyday I am capturing my own family, my children, myself, the earth we walk on.
I couldn't imagine a world where I couldn't paint of picture of all of this beauty around us with my lens.
The art of light is my love language. I adore light. How it falls, moves, shadows, entraps us and showcases every detail of our being.
I admire the human soul, I'm highly nostalgic and documenting these moments between all our hearts; is the most incredible pleasure.
Thank you to each and every one of you that has allowed me to do this for your love and your family, your little ones first breaths on earth.
I'm beyond blessed and thankful.

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and the life I'm loving to live!

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